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Automated Simple Notion Habit Tracker

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Want a simple and fun way to track your habits in Notion?

This template AUTOMATES that process so you can keep track of your habits every day.

It makes it easy to see your progress and how well you've been doing at keeping up your habits.

It also easily integrates onto your daily dashboard by simply creating a linked database view!

Tracking your habits for 2023 just got soooooo much easier.

With This Template, You'll Get:

✅ Habit completion stat tracking

✅ Automated daily recurring template

✅ Stat breakdowns by quarter and year

✅ Daily, Weekly, and Monthly habit views

✅ Fun motivational status updates when you check habits off

✅ Track up to 5 habits natively (tutorial included to add/subtract habits)

Don't Waste Time The OLD Way

❌ Clunky table interface that doesn't work well on mobile

❌ Having to manually generate a habit tracker each day

❌ Not getting any long-term habit statistics

I built this habit tracker because I was tired of dealing with a MASSIVE table database that didn't look nice and forced me to scroll to check off all my habits.

I Noticed There Weren't Any Habit Templates Out There That:

→ Offered Simplicity
→ Motivated Me To Check Off Habits
→ Displayed Nicely On My Daily Dashboard
→ Worked Well On My Phone

I made this to help YOU stay motivated to check off your habits each day.

With the power of linked gallery views, you can place your daily habit card on ANY dashboard in your Notion setup.

PLUS it automatically generates a new card every. single. day.

Never lose track of your habits again.

Access your habit tracker easily on mobile.

Get encouraging statuses that help you check off all 5 habits each day.

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Automated Simple Notion Habit Tracker

35 ratings
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